Let’s Change How We Manage Business

FBT Partners Origins

A common story

Both motivated by another vision of Business and Consulting, we collaborated working for differents companies and created an intuitive way of working adapted to customers requests.

After several international experiences, we have been gathered back in 2019 to drive operational activities and business ramp-up for a German Consulting & Engineering company.

Driven by envy to have a positive and lasting impact on the business, an obvious decision was to launch our own company combinating and pooling past experiences.

FBT Partners SAS was founded July 3rd, 2020 in Toulouse.

About FBT Partners

A new vision : Future Business Transformation

A consulting company specialized in Operational Management & Strategy, our main objective is to smartly support Business Transformation generating added value and deep changes into the company.

Provide your business with the managerial and technological resources you need.

Our Values

Adhere to the highest professional standards & Improve our clients’ performance significantly.


Be meticulous every day to ensure the best quality and be confident with yourself personnally and professionally.


We have no fear of the unknown, it drives us to new possibilities.


Commitment is a wall specifically built to go through, opened on a mountain to climb.


Our cement for a long-term collaboration and mutual trust.

Join a dynamic team

We love people who aren’t afraid to take challenges and overpass their wishes. We offer new perspectives, a dynamic work environment and more than just an employment relationship.

As a young company, all collaborators will be integrally part of this adventure.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

At FBT Partners, entrepreneurship stands for the willingness and ability to innovate. It also includes developing the activities and competitiveness of our clients – not only through proven consulting approaches but also by constantly innovating and proposing creative solutions. All our consultants share this vision.

Be a doer not a dreamer.

New Way

Step by step, we will access new industries and countries. Every new possibility will be an opportunity for us and our employees.

We want more and focus on more.

“In the same boat” feeling

Our company philosophy enables the direct contact between employees and the management level. No topic which is a matter close to your heart will be underrated. Not only do we ask you to communicate with us through annual meetings, we also do our best to strengthen our personal contact.