Bring Benefits

Agile methodologies bring significant benefits to Prject Management, in particular for Transformation and Product development, whether it is Software/Digital solutions or Industrial Product.


1. Faster implementation system
2. Reduced program management overhead

> Increase Productivity


1. Customer integrated along the cycle
2. Reduce waste & errors

> Defect Reduction


1. Collective Agile competencies
2. Attractiveness

> Motivation increased

Time to Market

1. Design-to-Value
2. Short cycles for product launch

> Faster Time-to-Market


To support clients, FBT Partners offers strong assets including:

– Choose the right Agile methodology depending the project (size, stakeholders, people involved, lead time)
– Legitimate Product Owner
– Team empowerement throughout Scrum Master content-driven attitude
– Value-driven approach

  • Product Owner
  • Solution Owner
  • Scrum Master, / Delivery Manager / Release Train Engineer
  • Value Stream Mapping