transform to value

• Clear scope vision

• Data management

• Daily progress monitoring

• Ressource management

• Short term vs long term goals definition

• Manufacturing engineering   

• Production engineering   

• Supply chain engineering

• Value creation   

• Business analysis   

• Global transformation

• Requirement engineering   

• Reliability   

• Decision making

• Better knowledge of the future

• Problem solving

• Objective achievements by development of a strategy

• Management and development follow-up

• Events forecast with reasonable degree of certainty

• Visual management

• Reporting


• Business expenses reduction

• Maintaining and growing profitability

• Standard baseline creation

• Conduct a detailed drill down into the actual cost                   information

• Corrective action recommendation

• Cost management 

• Risk reduction analysis (FMECA, Monte-Carlo,…)

• Route cause analysis

• Define contingency roadmap and budget

• Eliminate confusion

• Frame regularity issues

• Reduce project failure






• Plan and manage all resources required to meet customer       expectations

• Choose suppliers to provide the goods and services

• Coordinating customer orders, scheduling delivery,                 dispatching loads, invoicing customers and receiving             payments

• Create a network or process to take back defective, excess     or unwanted products

• Establish support processes to monitor information               throughout the supply chain and assure compliance with       all regulations


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