Forms follow function ... Follow purpose

• Define context, scope and background         including reasons for change

• Success factors & constraints                       identification

• Impacts & benefits on all business areas

• Flow diagrams and logical data model

• Create positive consensus and better           collaboration

• Reduce project failure

• Focused on system performance

• Decompose functions into sub-                   function/form relationship

• Architecture network diagram

• Solutions, systems, protocols and servers     description

• Back-end and front-end definition

• Innovation opposite to reshaping

• End-users oriented standard or                     customized development

• Responsive design

• Agile methodologies (SCRUM, KANBAN,         SaFe)

• Proof of concept and prototyping

• Collaborative users acceptance tests

• Improve product and project management

• Improve team adherence and efficiency

• Logical and physical database definition

• Data collection & loading system                   implementation

• Database performance monitoring

• Operate and maintain throughout DBMS

• Adapative and reactive to the business

• Improve data security & integration


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