A common story


Both motivated by another vision of business and project management, they collabarated many times working for differents companies and created an intuitive way of working mixing Planning, Finance, Risk, Resource, Innovation, Agile and Change Management in industrial and engineering environment.

After some international experiences, they are still sharing same wishes to propose something different. 

Deeply involved in the activities ramp-up and business development for their former companies, logical next step was to launch their own company combinating and pooling past experiences.

Driven by envy to have a positive and lasting impact on the business, obvious decision was to create their own company based in Toulouse for the European market and in the near future a subsidiary based in Montreal, QC.

Both founded FBT Partners SAS in July 2020.


management team


Romain Jegoux
Founder & President

• MS Project Management, KTH Stockholm, Sweden (2011)

• Pr. Engineer Physics, INSA Toulouse, France (2011)

• MS Industrial Risk Management & Innovative System, ICSI (2012)

• Experiences : SNCF, Airbus France, Pratt & Whitney Canada


Over 10 years experience within Operations and Consulting.

Project/Program Management, Innovative System, IT and Operations are part of its fields of expertise.

Deep understanding of industrial and technical sector thanks to several successful projects driven in Europe and Canada.

After some years in Project/Program Management working in France mainly for Airbus as customer, he moved to Canada within Pratt & Whitney to support ramp-up activities and Intelligent Line integration.


armand bahrami
founder & director general

• Pr. Engineer Electronics, Azad University, Iran (2008)

• PhD Nanotechnologies, Paul Sabatier University, France (2013)

• Specialized Master in Innovation Management, TBS, France (2016)

• Experiences : CNRS, Airbus France


Over 10 years experience within Operations and Consulting.

His expertise covers Program and Project Management, Business Transformation and Operational performance.

Furthermore he has in-depth knowledge of the Aerospace & Defence, Logistics and Telecommunication industries.

Before starting his career in Consulting, he got his PhD in Nanotechnologies collaborating with CNRS, Direction General Armement, Roxel.



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