Project & Portfolio Management

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Nowadays, project and portfolio management has the reputation of being a well-established discipline. It has benefited from a stable set of frameworks, experienced resources and efficient tools.
Nonetheless, many companies are still struggling in implementing efficient project and portfolio management to deliver full value from projects. Different factors may explain this paradox

External Factors

1. A competitive environment increases the pressure on firms to improve their time-to-market, product quality, cost, and rentability, this in turn requires firms to have state-of-the-art project execution.
2. Project complexity is raising exponentially on various dimensions such as:
– Product complexity and requirements
– Organisational complexity
– Process complexity
3. A scarcity of materials and human resources puts the system under pressure as there is an increase in the number and variety of projects occurring in parallel

Internal Factors

1. Project & portfolio management is too often not mature enough with:
– Lack of sound implementation of key processes (e.g. risk management)
– Poor integration between disciplines (e.g. cost / schedule consistency)
2. Project & portfolio processes are sometimes not fully adapted to companies’ specificities (product, size, maturity).
3. Project and portfolio management does not rely on robust decision-making or prioritisation processes.
4. Project and portfolio management are still suffering from poor connection to or integration with technical processes (e.g. configuration management, product maturity measurement)


To support clients, FBT Partners offers strong assets including:

– A significant track record of Project & Portfolio Management related missions, in a broad range of industries, leveraging best practices implementation and benchmark capabilities.
– Experienced teams that can couple in-depth knowledge of Project & Portfolio Management standards and state-of-the art practices with a “hands-on” approach as practitioners.
– The capability to improve and integrate, in a consistent way, the different dimensions of an efficient P&PM system: processes, people and tools
– A holistic view of Project & Portfolio management practices, encompassing other dimensions and processes of the company including strategy, delivery model, environment, and constraints

  • Project & Portfolio management, systems definition and implementation
  • Project & Portfolio management improvement projects
  • Improvement of project management practices
  • Project Management operational support
  • Project Recovery