Smart Data & Analytics

Analytics & Fundamentals

Smart data is digital information that is formatted so it can be acted upon at the collection point before being sent to a downstream analytics platform for further data consolidation and analytics

Smart Data vs Big Data

In contrast to Big Data, there’s smart data. Smart data refers to smaller sets of valuable and actionable information. So, if big data is about volume, speed, and variety then smart data is more focused on creating value, meaning, and accuracy (veracity) for some sort of purpose or outcome.
Smart data is therefore more actionable than big data and thus helps a business function, gain critical insights, or make important decisions. If correctly placed, smart data can be used immediately, in real-time, for some sort of decision-making process.


To support clients, FBT Partners offers strong assets including:

– Real-time dashboard
– Adaptative & Predictive model
– Interdependencies Management

  • Enhanced Problems Solving Solutions
  • Product oriented
  • Value Chain Tracking