our values
Adhere to the highest professional standards & Improve our clients’ performance significantly.


Be accurate every day, at every time to ensure the best quality and be confident with yourself persononally and profesionally.

• Our FIRST and DEEPER value

• Success is build on precision

• Precision comes from resilience

• Never give-up (Sisyphus Myth)


Cement for a long-term collaboration and mutual trust.

• Be ponctual

• Do what you said and committed         for

• Assume and correct your mistakes

• Don’t be afraid to say No

• Be transparent and kind


We have no fear of unknown, it drives us to new possibilities.

• Beyond the limits of usual thought     or action

• Imaginative

• Daring to face off challenges

• Get out of your comfort zone

• Explore new position and domain


Commitment is a wall especially built to go through, opened on a mountain to climb.

• Reach your objectives

• Learn daily and share your                   experience

• Know your limits and ask for               support

Disabled people integration

FBT Partners will focus on equity and egality for all and give the chance for disabled people to participate on this adventure.

Offer other perspectives inside and outside our company.

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