Dynamic Team

We love people who aren't afraid to take challenges and overpass their wishes. We offer new perspectives, a dynamic work environment and more than just an employment relationship. As a young company every people will be integrally part of this adventure.

"in the Same boat" feeling

Our company philosophy enables the direct contact between employees and the management level. No topic which is a matter close to your heart will be underrated. But we do not only ask you to communicate with us in terms of work - with annual events we also want to strengthen our team in terms of personal contact.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship


At FBT Partners SAS, entrepreneurship stands for the willingness and ability to innovate. It also includes developing the activities and competitiveness of our clients – not only through proven consulting approaches but also by constantly innovating and proposing creative solutions. All our consultants share this approach. 


Be a doer and not a dreamer.

new way


Step by step we will access new industries and countries. Every new possibilities will be a new opportunity for us and our employees.

We want more and we focus on more.

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